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re: Misguided's Loot Policy

Hi all,

The officers have put a lot of time and thought into defining our loot policy for the raids during Cataclysm. Ultimately we've decided on a loot council system and are providing the details here for everyone's information.

Misguided's Loot Council System

The loot that we receive in Cataclysm is going to be distributed in two ways, via a loot council system and a free-roll system. Here are the highlights:

1. Loot Council
- For armor tokens, weapons, trinkets, rings, cloaks and necks
- Priority will be based on: participation in raids, reliable and timely attendance, maintaining a no-drama environment, and any recent loot received
- Initiated by officers and collaborated with those eligible for the item
- Officers will aim to ensure fairness and overall raid success
- Members will express interest by typing "Bid" in /raid chat

2. Free Roll
- Any other items including armor that is not class specific
- Priority will be main-spec over off-spec
- Off the bat main-spec will roll 1-100 and off-spec will roll 1-5 to distinguish

For the details on this approach to loot and hopefully answers to your questions please refer to the following description.

In order to ensure fairness and the success and progression of the raid, certain items will be distributed based on a council discussion that is initiated and driven by the officers. Such items will include armor tokens, weapons, trinkets, rings and necks. The purpose of this is because of the wide range of classes that can use these items. For example, a hunter may be particularly interested in a staff or spear that could be a large upgrade for a druid tank. In this case the tank would likely be given priority because it would directly and immediately improve his survivability, which is one of the most important factors in ensuring that we have sufficient time to learn and down a raid boss.

As this idea suggests, a certain amount of priority is going to be given to tanks in order to further support our success. We are not going to throw every piece of loot at them, but we intend for them to be at the head of the class for the sake of survivability. This will mainly effect the armor tokens. Tanks will receive the first token that drops for their class. They will then not receive another token until all raiders on their token receive one token as well. The tank will then be the first to receive a 2nd token then will not receive a 3rd until all raiders have two (and so on and so forth until everyone is geared).

As is expected, loot is going to be distributed to each raider's main spec first. Off spec loot will only be received when all interested raiders have acquired the item for their main spec. If there is a particular raider who often utilizes both specs, such as a 3rd healer, we will allow them some priority on off spec items.

An important thing to remember is that the guild was formed on the idea that people will be participating in both runs on multiple characters. As long as someone is a consistent, reliable contributor to the raid they will be considered equally for loot regardless of whether they have a character in the other run. This is something we have supported from the very beginning but we just have had a number of people decline the opportunity to participate in both runs. There is the added benefit of having Astuur lead both raids, which with a Heroic Lich King and Halion kill is pretty awesome for progression.

That's all I've got for now. Thanks for listening!


Please note, the loot policy can be changed at any time.
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